Solid tumor related bone-metastasis

The skeleton is a frequent site of metastases in cancer and as such is associated with morbid skeletal-related events such as pain, pathologic fractures, hyperkalemia (high blood Potassium), and spinal cord compression. All of these conditions can profoundly impair a patient’s quality of life and even lead to life-threatening oncologic emergencies, requiring immediate intervention.

Normal bone is maintained by a dynamic balance between the cells that breakdown or resorb bone (osteoclasts) and the cells that form new bone (osteoblasts). Bone breakdown and new bone formation is constantly ongoing in discrete areas called remodeling units.

Our preclinical development program for ACC included successful feasibility proof-of-concept studies in animals. Currently, the company is planning a Phase I-2 feasibility study in cancer patients, scheduled to start in 2015.